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Why Should I use STORK delivery?

How do I find a product?

How do I add something to my order that’s not on your site?

How do you shop for my order?

How do I check out?

What if an item I ordered isn’t in stock?

How much is delivery?

Who completes my order?

How are my groceries delivered?

When do you deliver?

Do I need a membership?

Can I earn costco cash back rewards if I give you my membership #?

How do STORK points work?

How do I use my STORK points?

Do you delivery in my area?

Do you offer sales that are at COSTCO?

How do you set your product pricing

Do you have an order minimum or maximum?

Do you deliver to residential & business?

Can I tip after the order has been completed?

How do I add more items to my order?

Can I work for you?

Where do you shop from?